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SOI in Action

In a series of short films we explain the thinking behind SOI and how, by implementing their single organizing idea, businesses can achieve their sustainability goals and thrive.
Why do businesses need to change?
Neil sets out why a revolutionary new approach is needed to the way businesses do business, and why chasing growth is not the best option.
Nesta’s Glen Mahn.
Glen explains how a Single Organizing Idea helps restore the contract we have with society.
What’s the purpose of purpose?
Purpose has become a flag of convenience for many businesses. In order to thrive, what is needed is a single organizing idea that is implemented and measured, on a regular basis.
The importance of collaboration and implementation.
Collaboration around a SOI, and its implementation are key to achieving sustainability goals.
The Armchair CSR problem.
Planet earth is in the emergency ward. Neil explains how businesses need to go from being numbers led to value led.
What impact will SOI have?
To be effective and meaningful the SOI needs to consider the wider impact of the enterprise on both stakeholders and society, not just the demands of shareholders.
Why change is inevitable.
Young people demand that businesses address the issues facing our planet and society. Change isn’t just needed, it’s inevitable.
The importance of the idea.
Too often the idea a business leader began with is lost in the pursuit of financial gain. SOI brings the idea back to the stage as the North Star that guides the thinking of the entire organization.
Why Core?
Neil explains how the power used to build brands, can also be used to do good.
The inspiration behind SOI.
Neil explains what drove him to create SOI, and why it’s so important today that businesses put sustainability at the forefront of their thinking.
Interview with Neil Gaught.
Neil talks about how businesses need sustainability at their core. Radical change is needed, and demanded.
Climate HUB.
Accelerating progress: The ICC launches its Climate Change Hub aimed at SME's
Steve Crabb.
Centrica's Director of Citizenship and Consumer Vulnerability talks about the difference between 'bolt-on' CSR efforts and putting sustainability at the core of businesses.
Karen Hamilton.
Unilever's Vice President Sustainability talks about the power and potential of a Single Organizing Idea at the first London Core Dinner Debate.
Kirsty Sadler.
Kirsty Sadler of Leon Restaurants talks about the necessity to ensure sustainability is embedded and implemented across the entire business
Ethical trading interview with Peter McAllister.
Peter McAllister flags up the need for businesses to implement transformational rather than incremental change.
George Hulbert in conversation with Neil Gaught.
Off the cuff. George Hulbert of Clarity Business interviews Neil Gaught in Auckland following a keynote delivered to business leaders there.
Jonathan Glennie.
IPSOS Director of Sustainable Development Research Centre talks about stakeholders expectations of businesses in the 21st Century.
Jonathan Glennie.
Jonathan explains how today it’s the role of businesses not just to make money but to play a positive role in society.
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