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‘If you're a business leader anywhere in the world and are looking to align your business activity with the challenges of the moment, whether it be climate change or inequality, I recommend you read this book and discover the many valuable tools that could help you transform your business culture and practice.’
Kumi Naidoo, formerly Secretary General, Amnesty International, and Executive Director Greenpeace
‘Finally, a practical guide that not only shows you how to put purpose at the core of your business, but also provides the measurement tools to prove you're delivering sustainable prosperity for all.’
Chip Conley, New York Times bestselling author, strategist and entrepreneur
‘Now, more than ever, solutions that encompass the need for sustainable and ethical business are key – the SOI® is such a solution.’
Rajiv Joshi, Former Managing Director of The B Team
‘The SOI® uses a structured methodology that helps teams hold the core purpose central to all their actions, relationships and communications.’
Katie Hill, Executive Chair, B Lab Europe
‘An essential guide to building a 21st-century business where everyone feels great about contributing to a more meaningful and sustainable future.’
Patrick Grant, Businessman, celebrity fashion designer, founder of Community Clothing
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