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The power and potential of a single strategy

FACT: Businesses that put sustainability at the core of their plans out-perform traditional businesses on multiple levels*
An SOI® led and aligned business ensures sustainable progress for all stakeholders whilst enhancing the performance of the business.

Typically, we expect an SOI® to deliver a minimum return on investment of 5:1. With our systems and technology we are able to prove the ROI every year with hard commercial and impact metrics.
“Single Organizing Idea has so much more potential to make a difference than a simple purpose.”
Charles Handy
Leading management thinker and author of The Empty Raincoat
SOI® Assessments prove you’re walking the talk
The SOI® Assessment System™ guarantees that SOI® led and aligned businesses continue to keep walking the talk.

Our leading-edge immutable assessments provide accurate measures of a businesses overall alignment to its SOI®, and a systematic approach to initiating learning loops to address identified weaknesses and risks.

The moment the SOI® has been defined the assessment process begins and the business becomes SOI® certified. To retain its SOI® certification the business must keep these assessments in place.
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A modern solution conceived to meet the unique challenges of the 21st century


SOI® guides the operational framework that enables business-led ecosystems to maximise sustainable value and circular outcomes.


SOI® complements 21st-century economic models like Doughnut Economics that balance sufficient growth with equitable prosperity.


An SOI® is born out of human engagement and collaboration. Once defined and implemented, it places, promotes and protects human values and ethics at the core of your business.

SOI® in action

Since 2006 for-profit and not-for-profit organizations around the world have adopted in whole, or part, the SOI® model.
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“Single Organizing Idea is a very powerful tool. It forces you to combine the business purpose and sustainability goal of your company and to take these into the heart of your business strategy.”
Gerjo Scheringa, CEO Euro Pool Group

A human approach to 21st century business strategy

Our tried and tested collaborative approach has been developed over many years to ensure the needs, wants and desires of all stakeholder are at the core of a sustainable strategy everyone can prosper from.

The positioning statement frames and explains what the value of the SOI® is to your enterprise and to society in two or three pithy sentences. It’s your elevator pitch.

Identified during the research phase the values support and underpin the SOI®. Each value is a commitment against which actions and ideas can be assessed and monitored.

An SOI® is a simple, memorable call to action. Relevant, compelling and authentic, an SOI® succinctly captures the core purpose of your enterprise. It’s your guiding star.
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SOI® for non-profits

Businesses are relative newcomers to having a core purpose for societal benefit. Nonprofits, foundations, and government – by contrast – start from public purpose. Their challenge is to stay true to that purpose in the centrifuge of today’s fast-changing world.
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SOI® SparkLabs

Designed for change-makers, the SOI® SparkLab program has been developed to introduce and equip managers in sustainability, CSR, communications, and strategy with the practical tools required to ignite change in their organizations.
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