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At the core of the most admired businesses is a single, powerful idea for good around which everything is organized.
These businesses deliver both sustainable economic and social benefit. They attract and unite people across diverse races and backgrounds, pioneer new efficiencies, enjoy long-term investment, secure the loyalty of their customers, and gain the support of the communities of which they are a part.

Unfortunately for people and planet, such businesses remain rare.

Together we can change that.
“Single Organizing Idea has so much more potential to make a difference than a simple purpose.”
Charles Handy
Leading management thinker and author of The Empty Raincoat

What is SOI®?

It's a way to get the things that matter most done. (A less straightforward definition: SOI® is a strategy tool and management model that enables an organization to systematically coordinate and align all its operational functions and activities with a sustainable core purpose, collaboratively selected and defined to benefit all stakeholders, equitably.)

Essential elements

SOI® Strategic Framework
The SOI® Strategic Framework is unique in its clarity, simplicity, practicality, and proven outcomes when it comes to re-aligning businesses and setting, and keeping them on, a path towards long-term sustainable success for all. It’s a 21st-century tool that replaces the need for old-fashioned, top-down, mission, and vision statements. It has 3 parts:


An SOI® is a simple and memorable call to action, that is measured. Relevant, sustainable and compelling, an SOI® succinctly captures the core purpose of the organization. It’s the organisation’s guiding star.


Identified through collaborative stakeholder research, the values underpin the SOI®. Each value is a commitment against which actions and ideas can be assessed and monitored. They are carefully selected to help ensure holistic and consistent alignment of the organization with it’s SOI®.

Positioning statement

The positioning statement frames and explains what the value of your SOI® is to your enterprise and to society in two or three pithy sentences. It’s the organization’s elevator pitch.


SOI® guides the operational framework that enables business-led ecosystems to maximise sustainable value and circular outcomes.


SOI® complements 21st-century economic models like Doughnut Economics that balance sufficient growth with equitable prosperity.


SOI® places, promotes, and protects human values, and ethics at the core of your business.

SOI® in action

Since 2005 a number of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations around the world have adopted in whole, or part, the SOI® model.
NZ | Construction
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US| Development
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US | Accreditation
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NL | Logistics
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NZ | Technology
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UK | Apparel
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“Single Organizing Idea is a very powerful tool. It forces you to combine the business purpose and sustainability goal of your company and to take these into the heart of your business strategy.”
Gerjo Scheringa, CEO Euro Pool Group

The SOI® Approach

The Process

Implementing an SOI® takes a commitment to change from leadership. From then on in it is a highly progressive, positive process that puts results, ongoing collaboration and the needs of all stakeholder groups front and centre of a strategy designed to help ensure long-term success.

Identifying an SOI®

Tools and approaches that are used to help identify an SOI® include: Desk research, PESTLE analysis, crowdsourcing, workshops, interviews, touchpoint analysis, positioning analysis, and social contribution analysis.

Aligning with an SOI®

The alignment of all the functions of an organization with its defined SOI® is a continual process that improves the performance and efficiencies of key functions. Tools and approaches help coordinate alignment in the areas of people & culture, innovation, products and services, communication, sales and marketing, processes and systems. The short, medium and long-term alignment goals, resources and partnerships required to achieve them are captured on an SOI® Alignment Canvas.

Measuring the impact of an SOI®

The technique for gaining an understanding of the level of success of alignment with an SOI® is provided by a proven learning loop system.

Getting Started

The CORE Playbook describes in great detail all the tools and approaches you can use to identify, define, implement and measure the impact of your SOI®. Once you’ve looked through it you can decide which route you want to go down.

DIY approach

Do it yourself using The CORE Playbook as a guide and your own resources.
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Hybrid approach

Do some of it yourself and ask us to help plan and facilitate key parts.
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Supported approach

Ask us to plan, facilitate and guide you through the SOI® process.
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SOI® for non-profits

SOI® provides the learning loops that align and inspire your diverse constituents in a hopeful process of continual improvement.
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SOI® SparkLabs

Designed for change-makers, the SOI® SparkLab program has been developed to introduce and equip managers in sustainability, CSR, communications, and strategy with the practical tools required to ignite change in their organizations.
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