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About us
Our single minded objective is to make a contribution to the world by creating transition tools for businesses that help accelerate their progress towards a more equitable and sustainable future. A future that benefits them and all those that rely upon them.

We work with our global network of trained advisors and directly with our partners to maximise the power and capacity of Single Organizing Idea (SOI®) and overcome the challenges and challengers that stand in the way of progress.

Innovative organizational development, advanced assessment tools and the latest technology. These are the assets we use to push the boundaries of what’s possible and create what’s necessary to accelerate progress. As we progress we learn and as we learn we improve.

It goes without saying that every decision we make and action we take has our Single Organizing Idea at the front and centre of it.
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Our strategic framework
Our Single Organizing Idea (SOI®)
Accelerating progress
Our positioning statement
In a world that needs less hesitancy and more action, we are united in our determination to accelerate progress by putting sustainability at the core of business.
Our core values
We are inspired by what can be accomplished when shared knowledge, ideas, and understanding are combined to open new possibilities.
We are single-mindedly focused on results. By keeping things simple and at the highest standard we ensure discipline in our approach and effective use of our resources.
Our strength comes from what we accomplish together. Through actively seeking out and building new and better relationships, we break down barriers, co-create value, and venture beyond the status quo.
We are committed to taking the initiative and acting on what we believe matters. Our endurance and agility mean we are not afraid to accept and embrace new challenges when our chosen path demands we push forwards.
Our strategic approach

Sustainable future
Civil society, consumers, employees, investor and our planet urgently needs many more businesses to put sustainability at the core of their business models. Our single-minded focus is on enabling those that can embrace a new way forward thrive in a world that requires transformational change. We will do this by:

Tools and technology
Providing 21st century tools and assessment technology to ensure that what gets said, gets done. Like the SOI® toolkit, our immutable assessment system has a proven track record, having been utilised over many years by clients across the world in both the public and private sector.

World-class advisors
Attracting the very best business advisors from across the planet to help us scale our efforts. Only those with the right skills, shared values and the desire to implement change are invited to take part in our extensive training programme and become part of a like-minded community that is worldwide, and world-class.

SOI® and values
Ensuring all our actions and decisions are totally and consistently guided by our SOI® and the values that underpin it. Through collaboration, being straightforward, generous and, when necessary, courageous, we aim to make change possible.

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